Yogali: Yoga and Healing Arts

We are a boutique yoga studio located in the exquisite Historical Handley Center of Ft. Worth. Yogali is a welcoming environment centered around healing, growth, strength, community and transformation. There is a class for everyBODY here, from the first time yogi, to the advanced practitioner.

Our Commitment

is to guide our community toward better ways of stress management, lasting health and clarity of mind. Through sharing India’s great gifts of Yoga and Ayurveda, we seek to provide the means for personal healing and personal enhancement of body and mind.

Our Services


Medicine and Healing that works with your body and not against it. Ayurveda is another gift of India and is a medical system with at least 3,000 years of use. Today Ayurveda continues to prove itself by bringing healing and sustained health to those who need it. Ayurveda Education is available through workshops, private group instruction or one on one instruction.


group classes, private group classes and one on one  instruction in synchronizing the body and mind. Yoga is a gift from India and is a direct approach to improving the quality of your life. Through mindful physical exercise, breathing techniques and meditation you can make your life easier by “putting the wind at your back”.

Thai Massage

A unique form of physical therapy that works with the whole body and has similar origins to yoga. The body is interconnected and so it must be addressed as a whole in order for healing to occur in any one part. This therapy uses a range of techniques which together leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and strong.

Upcoming Events

Yoga Nidra With Ali

April 30th 6-8pm

Yin and Wine

Sunday, March 12th 7-9pm